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General Information

Our school year begins in September and ends in May. Each family will receive a School Calendar indicating Holidays, Special Dates, Etc. There is no allowance for days your child may miss due to extended absences; the tuition reserves their place in the class.

 Registration Procedure

Registration takes place in January/Febuary. Specific dates are publicized in the local newspapers. A complete registration form and fee must be submitted to ensure placement.

 Separation Anxiety

We want to do everything we can to make your child’s first school experience as happy as possible. At the end of August, before classes begin, you will be invited to an orientation where your family will meet with the teacher individually. Classes begin with shorter sessions and/or divided classes. We have found these strategies have helped to lessen separation anxiety. You can help, too.

Here are a few helpful hints:
• Before the program starts, read your child a few books with starting school themes.
• Talk about some of the things your child will be doing in school.
• Establish a routine. For example: at the door share 2 kisses and a hug and “Mom/Dad has to leave but will return to take you home.”
Don’t worry. We’ll take it from there!

 Emergency Information

We ask that you fill out an emergency contact/consent form for emergency treatment that will be kept on file at the school. Please notify the office of any changes. We will need two local numbers. In case of an emergency, the school will contact you or your emergency number immediately. We also need a copy of your child’s Immunization Record. Please provide any information regarding allergies or health problems.

 Field Trips

A field trip permission form will be given to you at Orientation for your signature. Reminders of the trips will be provided one or two days before each field trip. We use a school bus for field trips.
Appropriate clothing should be worn for the trips. Children not wishing to go on a trip should remain at home. Parents are invited to serve as chaperones on field trips as well as helpers for in school activities where helping hands are needed.

 Birthday Recommendations

It is the custom of the school to celebrate each child’s birthday sometime during the school year. Please notify the teacher in advance if a birthday treat will be provided. Also, because of our emphasis on good eating habits, and the presence of food allergies in the school, candy is not allowed in school. Cookies are a more acceptable treat than cupcakes, but fruits, vegetables, and crackers are much more acceptable. We ask that you do not provide snacks with peanut butter, peanut oil, or nuts due to allergies. Also, snacks can not be processed on machinery or in factories where nuts are processed. Birthday invitations should be mailed by the parent giving the party. We will provide a class list for this purpose. (If you choose not to have your child on this class list, we will not include his/her name.) Please do not ask the teacher to distribute invitations and no gifts, treat or party bags will be given out in school (this includes Halloween and other holidays.) A special snack will celebrate the occasion.

 In Case of Inclement Weather

<strong>Notice of school delays will be promptly posted to the footer area of this website.</strong>

You can also turn to WBRE, WYOU, WNEP (Tv Channels 28, 22 & 16) Facebook and Bloomz for notice of school delays or cancellations. For text alerts, sign up at pahomepage.com and wnep.com. We primarily follow the Dallas School District’s lead in making decisions about weather related closures.

In case of school delay we follow a 1 hour Delay. All Dismissals delayed by 1/2 hour. If your child is at school during the start of inclement weather, please feel free to pick him/her up anytime prior to the end of the daily session.


Please dress children in practical play clothes. We are here to have fun and we do get dirty. LABEL EVERYTHING they will be taking off: boots, rubbers, sweater, scarf, raincoat, hat, snowpants, mittens, etc. Adhesive tape or indelible ink works well. Please keep umbrellas at home. Patent leather shoes limit your child’s activity and present a hazard when playing in our playroom. Rubber soled shoes are safer.

Families will be asked to provide an extra set of clothing with the child’s name to be kept in the child’s classroom during the school year in case of any accidents or spills. Snowpants and boots can be carried in a tote bag daily during the winter snow season for ease and accessibility. We try to get outdoors daily, weather permitting. Our general rule is to stay indoors if it is below 25º. There are no provisions for children who cannot go outside.