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My son spent 3 happy years at TECEC and it was a wonderful place to begin his educational experience. In a way his first day of pre-school was my first day as well; and I found that the best way to meet other families was to get involved in the Parent Enrichment Group (“PEG”). By working with the PEG I found I was able to share with my son and his classmates the many activities that take place at TECEC. I also formed my own new friendships with many families through volunteering as part of the PEG. I would encourage any few families to TECEC to get involved in the PEG and show by example to their children that getting involved in their school lives can be a rewarding experience for the entire family.

Beth Redington (Mom of John) - PEG Co-Chair 2011-2013

We truly feel indebted to Trucksville Early Childhood Education Center for the amazing foundation they gave our son academically, emotionally, and socially throughout his years there. From the minute we first walked him in the door, we felt a sense of unity, safety, and belonging. The building was extremely warm and welcoming to all. It was amazing how quickly the teachers and staff had developed a personal relationship with our son and family whether they taught him or not. They honestly knew his individual strengths, wants, needs, and personality. This was a second home to him where he was loved, nurtured, and taught priceless lessons through teaching and first hand experiences in and out of the classroom.

As a mother and teacher, finding the “perfect” place to leave your most precious gift in the hands of others seemed like an impossible task. It didn’t take any time to feel totally confident in our choice to send him here and to have that sense of security, knowing he was in the best hands possible to care for him as if he was their own.

There wasn’t a day that went by when our son was not welcomed by smiling, energetic teachers just waiting to show him what was in store for them that day. They were not just there to teach, but to encourage, hug, wipe away tears, and in a sense take the place of mommy and daddy for those hours. These teachers were able to accomplish this task in ways that appeared effortlessly. They worked so hard to make every day “the best day ever”, in the words of our son. There was continuous communication between staff and parents, as well as a tremendous amount of opportunity for parent involvement. TECEC demonstrated the important role that parents have in their child’s learning and was reflected in the combination of teacher and parent involvement. There was no doubt they believed in “the door is always open” for any needs or concerns that needed to be addressed.

It amazes me most of all how they captivated the minds and hearts of so many little ones. Children truly love being there and when it was time to move on and say good bye, tears were shed by all; teachers, students and yes even parents. Our child’s preschool years were some of the most precious times of his life, and this staff somehow made it possible for parents to feel as if they were right there throughout it all. There were always bulletin boards displaying information and work done by the children, the most precious photos, field trips, parent/ child night at school, picnics, fundraisers, book fairs, and remarkable, timeless programs. We learned that not only did we find the best preschool to prepare our child for school, but also found an extended family; not just with staff, but with other families as well.

TECEC is that place to go for a sense of belonging, social, and academic growth. No staff works harder to meet the needs of every child that walks through the door and embrace the innocence they come with. We feel privileged that our son was blessed with the opportunity to grow tremendously both socially and academically throughout his years. It was completely evident that he was as successful as he was due to the hard work and dedication of his teachers. Our son’s kindergarten year was completed effortlessly by him due to the outstanding foundation he was given along with the desire to want to learn and experience new things. TECEC will forever hold a special place in our family’s hearts filled with appreciation, admiration, and respect for all they have done and continue to do.

Beth Tarnalicki (Mom of Tyler) - Learning Support, Pocono Mtn. School District

Shortly after my daughter celebrated her Fourth birthday, it dawned on me that I would have to start looking for a Pre-K program to enroll her in. Much to my dismay, and quite a few tears, I inquired on a social network, reaching out to some friends for some guidance. “Where do I send my child to Pre-K?” I had many responses, but one seemed consistent. “Trucksville Early Childhood Education Center.” So with a knot in my throat and a wrench in my chest, I made the call.

I scheduled an interview with Marjorie Adams, the School Director. From the time she picked up the phone, through our visit and during registration, she made me feel completely at ease. But most importantly, she made Brianna comfortable, and believe me, that is not an easy feat. I was so pleased the moment I walked through the door. The bright sunny lobby, the smiling, happy faces, and the security entrance, which requires you to be buzzed into the school, were all impressive.

Brianna’s first day was frightening, more for me I believe. This child had never left my side for a moment, let alone the hours she would have to stay at TECEC. Ms. Nelson was her teacher and a Godsend. She seemed to know just what to do to ease the transition for Brianna, and allow her to gently settle into her class. She learned how to spell her name, she drew many pictures, and sang many songs. But most importantly, she gained confidence in herself, and after a few tear filled mornings, became eager to go to school. During her year at TECEC it was announced they would introduce the very first Kindergarten class. How could I resist!

There was never a doubt, from the conception of this program, that I wanted my daughter a part of this historical event! Upon meeting Mrs. Kravits, I had to ask myself if I was dreaming. Was this possible to have another amazing teacher? Would Brianna be this fortunate? Yes. She would. And so would thirteen other remarkable children. I believe they had the absolute, most incomparable introduction to formal education anywhere! When you envision your child going to Kindergarten, you see them smiling, happy and eager to learn. I got to witness this daily with my child. I don’t know if she will ever encounter another teacher like Mrs. Kravits, but I’m sure glad we had to opportunity to know her.

I don’t know if there is another teacher who gives so much to their class as Mrs. Kravits does, but I’d bet to say not. The little girl that went into Kindergarten came out smarter, happier and reading! There is not enough I can say about this school that could justify what an absolutely, wonderfully, transforming experience it has been for our family. I will never regret my decision to make that phone call.

Kimberly Baltruchitis (Mom of Brianna) - Baltruchitis Construction