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Early Childhood Classes

AM Sessions………………….9:30-12:00
(Some AM session schedules may vary from this by up to 15 minutes)

All Day Sessions………………….9:30-2:30 pm

Classes for three year old’s are offered for children who turn three by December 31st. Two day and three day programs weekly are offered.

Classes for young four year old’s are offered for children who turn four after September 1st and will not go to kindergarten the following year. This program is offered three days weekly.

Classes for Four and Five Year old’s will be offered for children who have turned four before September 1st. Three day, four day, and five day programs weekly are available. Daily extension classes are available until 2:30 as well as special classes in Art, Math & Language and FitKids.

Typical Daily Routine

The two and a half hours the children are at Preschool are filled with fun and learning. We thought you might be interested in knowing how a daily session progresses.

Circle Time
Our day begins and ends here, with one more in between for our older classes! Circle time is when themes and daily activities are presented. They include songs, fingerplays, completing the calendar, reporting on the weather, receiving a job for the day, and great discussions!

Center Time
Children may choose to work (play) in various learning centers, including Construction, Family Living, Science and Discovery, Reading, Math, Writing and an Art Center. More centers are added with different themes throughout the school year. All centers include activities to prepare the children for their next level of learning. Kindergarten readiness skills are emphasized in the four year old classes. All students are encouraged to clean up their classroom together.

Gross motor activities in the playroom and outdoors when possible.

Snack Time
Snacks will be provided by parents/guardians daily. We are a peanut free school. Other food allergies are addressed on a class by class basis.

Science Program
Our hands-on Science curriculum is an extension of the science learning center in the classroom. Teachers can pull from this resource to enrich their classroom activities. When available, a separate classroom is set up for this purpose. Themes include Rocks & Minerals, Machines, and Water to name a few.

Music and Movement
Our Music and Movement program is taught twice a month to all the classes. In this class, children participate in rhythm and singing activities, as well as creative movement and gross motor activities.

Story Time
Literature in the classroom is utilized in a variety of ways. Older classes often use books as the basis for daily activities, integrating center work around them. Teachers often begin and/or end their day with a story.