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Welcome to Trucksville Early Childhood Education Center – “a complete preschool experience” – where children always come FIRST. We celebrate children and feel fortunate to experience these preschool years when the child’s curiosity and imagination are naturally exploding and when learning takes place at an astonishing pace. We take every child’s education seriously because each child is capable of SERIOUS LEARNING. To make it even better, we have great fun learning together. (We have the best jobs.) With parents as active partners, we work to meet the needs of each individual child.
We’d like to welcome you with a message from one special child:

What I Learned in School…

I learned how to be a good artist.
I learned how to be a good cup passer.
I learned how to cooperate.
I leaned that bananas have no thumbs.
I learned about family names.
I learned about safety rules.
I learned how to be a good person.
I learned how to read a book.
I learned in learning lab.
I learned how to be a space girl.
I learned not to touch hot candles.
I learned how to be a good friend.
I learned that I am special.
I learned a whole lot of things!

We hope you have the time to continue reading about us. You will be pleased.